That little wave we fear may just save us from drowning.

Fear settles in upon the darkness which marks an ending of one path, and the dusting of light rays hitting another. Humans in general hate any sort of change The hint of any effort to reconstruct a certain belief shoots fear through the spine of even the strongest man.

Why? Well it empowers us to feel as if we hold the power or all knowledge to anything. Becoming comfortable is just one step away from being stagnant, which is worse than any chsnge one could imagine. Take for instance an individual who has been with a company for many years, he or she will be very knowledgeable.

Usually these are the ones who have shown their profiency in anything task.
These men and women have proved their loyalty to the company, as long ss the fact that they have earned their stripes.

When you take this away we begin to worry; having to go into a new setting and prove once again that we are smart, tough, strong, and wise enough for the task at hand. This Is what we fear the most. But while change may send waves of terror down our spine; let us remember, the one who has not changed has not lived but only existed under a very dim light.


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