Essence of today


When sun rays hit, confirmation morning
has arrived, bringing with it new hope.
coping with the fact that today real life
begins, and I pray that it may resemble something great; beyond average,
resting near the boundaries of extraordinary.

And even if the solid foundation I’ve built my home on is pulled from underneath, something greater will hold firm. Something beyond skies, hidden to man’s face, let’s be honest this is
God’s grace.

When all fails, and words fall to death ears. Visions fall short of being seen.
Somewhere in between here and after,
illustrated in dreams written in new chapters.
Words will meet with destiny while
life will swallow bullets of reality.
On opposite an unstable barrel
Where we wait anxiously for wounds to heal.

Calmly planning and carrying burdens on
waves; as calm moves over clouds.
doubt is defeated all is quiet,
and peace resides.

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