Pray, write, eat

The unlikely ability to find pain in any purpose,

Shallow enough to shun meaning; yet

Deep enough to feel the fire which

lights my steps underneath the solid surface.

At ease in winds of change if strong

enough to equal change.

Can’t enjoy one day without thoughts of
the day at hand, making it easy for

Support systems to disband.

Stirred up pots of dismantled dreams

Where my sinks overflow with doubts.

All smiles without

And without such actions I too would

Be just as weak.

The top where ambition arrives at its peak and fear will climax

So I pray, write, and eat to get through days

And when is done and sentences are said

I too maneuver through waves.

Some calm, some shaking up my

Soul until I tilt and tightrope

On that edge of belief and hopelessness.

And then I pray, write, and eat in order.

Saying grace gracefully before intruders

Can breach this boader.

Fires lit on mantle piece, where peace

Comes into sight then vanishes akong

With my vanity

Carrying the world’s insanity

on my Back;

I close my eyes but in the back

Of my mind their rhythm plays through

the night as I take mental note

Scribble down along blank pages and
Telephone keys, lifelines in hope.

All until my peace ignites

Burning in places where poems are released.

And still I pray, write, and eat.

The world’s entertainment, my peace.


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