Comfortable enough to dream, uncomfortable enough to live it.

Over the past couple of months, well really since about a year ago I have been in a constant battle with myself. In all honesty I believe this to be a battle everyone encounters at least once in their lives. First I would like to state that each of us is born with a God given purose. The conflict arises when we are forced to choose between pursuing that purpose or chasing money. What happens when our passion doesn’t seem to lead to a lucrative career or provide the money we want.

Now there are exemptions to this rule; for instance you have individuals who have a passion for helping others which may lead them to become a successful doctor. This may also hold true in other circumstances, but chances are most individuals who have a dream of doing something other than the normal 9-5 will face adversity. Many express dreams of becoming teachers, and lawyers. But what about the authors, entrepreneurs, writers, aspiring film director’s, etc. Those who can’t go one day without thinking about their passion.

Too many of us leave this world without pursuing what we love. The main reason being fear; fear of living outside of our bubble of protection. In actuality living to be comfortable is not living at all, in fact we are actually just killing time until we die. Even if we don’t get the results we want it’s still worth it to pursue our passion. I am not suggesting that we should walk away from our 9-5 tomorrow, because we obviously know that bills have to be paid. What I am suggesting is that we take steps, even if they are small ones to our dreams daily.

I refuse to believe that God gave us talents to sit and decay but rather to utilize them. As I stated before this is not suggesting that we quit our jobs but that we take steps so that one day we can live without depending on it. It may not be the smartest thing to walk away from a job but the only thing worse than that is walking away from our dreams.


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