Paintings of the evening

Regrettably resistant to temptations
Temporialy tied to a resemblance/
Of outsiders, outside my capability
Of conscience/,a constant conflict
This may be relatable content
Drawn on color scheme canvas/
Cascading into streams of darkness/
Meeting where the light hits
In fear that we just might miss
But if so let me follow the intentions
Of my torso/
Excuses for my ignorance more so/,
This is what has become
Where pain painted in sin
Burried deep within and masqueraded
In so embedded that this becomes numb/
Reaching back trying to put together
My roots, not to become undun;/
Don’t know how I got over,
But it’s obvious where paths meet
Tempted to fall twice, and use
Feeble knees as excuses/
Excuse sinning, its natural to mankind
He was hanged on a cross
I pray to God my sins don’t become my
Spiritual nooses/.


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