Monday’s sorrow

On this Monday morning more than half of the working world awakes to force themselves to drag through another monotonous day at their 9-5. This brings up the question why do we settle for lives that lack any type of passion, drive, or sense of self worth?

The answer is it’s comforting to have a safety belt to sit in through life even if it makes us miserable. Of course that 9-5 will provide food, shelter and a good living but what is it all worth. So many of us have dreams and aspirations burried within us that we wull take to the grave. We choose to die with them because it is easier to not attempt and not fail than to try and not succeed; not to mention the fear of criticism.

So what’s the answer to this dilemma, continue to live in a false reality where we live out our dreams in our head. Or actually jump off of that mountain not being afraid to land on our face.
I believe that the three steps to a life of contentment are God, becoming happy with yourself, and waking up everyday to do something you love to do. Even if you don’t agree with every step you can at least admit that there is some truth in these steps.


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