The real payoff

There happrns to be one common thought for everyone who has the tedious task of waking up 6 AM for a 9-5 that they dread. “It won’t be like this forever”. Or better yet “I will change things at the right time. The right time never arrives and we remain prisoners of a 9-5 tedious job in which we have no passion for.

The truth is any career we choose that isn’t built on a foundation of passion and a willing desire to help the company will all end the same way. This goes for the jobs that pay a generous salary as well; yes the extra money is always good but this can not heal the pain of working a dead end job. I use the word dead end because even if a company gives you room to grow in certain areas if it’s not something you really want to do it’s all in vain. Remember that a career should be something you can wake up in the morning for with no regret. In other words money and a good health plan shouldn’t be the only incentive for saying yes to the job.

Live the life that is worth waking up for, do something that holds a special place in your heart.


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