Mended words entry #1 (Table Love)

The most disheartening of the heart

The self inflicted holes pierced with a

Double edged sword, bitter and sweet

One sided motive one end to end all known

The opposite side of an reward, I’ve tasted all.

Temporary gratification, our appetite

Never seems to fanish twisted tongues

Lay salivating

Any inner desire any desire to die of

Innocence, injected into blood streams

Count how many transgressions against

Humanity we’ve streamed, infinite bandages

Over black hearts neither seen nor felt

Blind guidance masked in love and the

Curiosity of love, hate of man’s heart

Color scheme tainted from afar.

Ventricular vessels open to any source

Tainted love held matrimony; soul fell

On sound words, but Bible verses curved

To curb man’s hunger, sinful thirst

Met at a dinner table…

Truths of light took light of body and

Souls divorce.


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